Natural Soap Colors

Here is my list of natural additives in soap for beautiful colors. I don’t believe in using mica and other colorants. Unfortunately food colorants are not safe to use either. Why not use 100% organic additives that also add great value to the soap?

↓Look below.

Kasthuri Turmeric (Cucurma aromatica) : Yellow. Not cooking turmeric (cucurma longa).

Red Sanders powder: Maroon

Sandalwood powder: Beige

Carrot/Tomato paste: Orange-Yellow

Spinach/Coriander paste: Light green

Beet paste: Maroon

Spirullina/Algae/Seaweed : Green

Orange EO: light shade of orange

Cocoa powder/Chocolate: Brown

Vetiver powder: Beige

Fenugreek seed powder: Light brown (speckled)

…more to come…..

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