About Me

I am a technologist, an aspiring painter & soap-maker.

Vimana specs in Vedic Texts.

The picture above shows the specification of one of the kinds of aircraft developed during Vedic period (the exact time is under debate and there one argument that it is around 3000 B.C). I am strong believer that our ancient civilization was very intelligent and always had better solutions to complicated problems!

I am an Indian based in India. I am a technologist and love details in any devil (no typo here). I have a M.S in engineering. Just like many, I too am busy during the weekdays and that does not stop me from pursuing my passion – painting & soap-making!


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for all the information, you have provided in your blog. I am a new soap making enthusiast and have been looking at Brambleberry, Soapqueen and other similar websites to learn the art of soap making. The major challenge now with these, when I want to try it out myself is, where to get the ingredients locally. Your blog fills the void there. I have a few additional queries though –
    > In case I want to use oxides, ultramarines or micas for coloring, then can you suggest a supplier from whom, I get them in Bangalore?
    > Can I use the Lye that we get at our hardware stores? Are they safe?
    > Do you sell the soap that you make?


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